Why we love what we do

About 13 years ago, my wife and myself went to a motorcycle rally in northern Arizona. As we strolled about looking at the different vendors, we came to a small "bling Bling vendor. 

Knowing that men could get whatever they wanted in a t-shirt, women at the time had to either by-pass the idea or buy a man's t-shirt. So the Creator of this great universe, slapped me upside my head and said, "you can do this".  Then something happened, this bling vendor asked my wife to "sit at her booth" and take orders because she wanted to go on a motorcycle ride. "for only 2-3 hours" she said.  My wife said OK, and within the next 3 hours my wife sold almost $600 in bling. The vendor came back and was amazed at what my wife did, then one thing led to another and God's Supply House was born.  This vendor was so grateful that she gave us information on where to buy how to apply and pricing. This vendor sells to the motorcycle areas, I wanted to go Christian..  So as God's Supply House grew, we attended Christian venue's and then we were invited to an event where I met another vendor and he asked me to join him at the local VA clinic, So one day a week I would have a 6 foot table and try to sell Christian Bling at this clinic. Believe me it didn't go over very well, I expanded the business and started to sell men's military t-shirts,  The VA changed it's policies and now I am contracted by the VA to sell my products.

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